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Welcome to Discus fish in Aquarium website designed for aquarists who keep discus fish in their aquariums, as well as for all those who want to know what gossip aquarists ;).

Discus fishDiscus .. well, probably with a candle would have to look for the aquarist who saw the adult fish and do not feel the thrill .. On the following pages of this website I will try to explain you results of my own and not only my own experiences and thoughts resulting from keeping of discus – my point of view is certainly in some part subjective, but in each case supported by the facts.

Nicknamed “The Queens of Freshwater aquarium, even though it sounds somewhat pathetic – in my view fully to the fish should be. Recently appeared Although many of the trends promoting discus as hmm .. fish for the masses, but personally I see this merely as marketing exercise practiced by some non-breeders traders  because you simply can not force the change of discus needs and behavior.

Is this discus fish with special requirements, whether they are fish for the masters? The answer is yes, in principle, but anyone could be the master and do not need here to have any special secret knowledge that is not available in the aquarium primer. Condition for success is the willingness to show some kind of discipline and a little humility – just enough and at the same time so much, because not all are successful with discus. Meeting of aquarist who keep discus does not consist only of the aquarium filled with water in which swims a few dignified fish. In many other cases, such option is possible, but not necessarily with the discus. The key to success in both keeping discus as well as breeding them is water. Meeting to prepare a good water is at least as important as the fish tank. The degree of technical sophistication of that background does not play a major role, but it is important to its effectiveness. Aquarist himself develops a method for preparing water with the appropriate parameters, with the help of facilities such as he/she has at his/her disposal.