Welcome to Discus fish in Aquarium website designed for aquarists who keep discus fish in their aquariums, as well as for all those who want to know what gossip aquarists ;).

Discus fishDiscus .. well, probably with a candle would have to look for the aquarist who saw the adult fish and do not feel the thrill .. On the following pages of this website I will try to explain you results of my own and not only my own experiences and thoughts resulting from keeping of discus – my point of view is certainly in some part subjective, but in each case supported by the facts.

Nicknamed “The Queens of Freshwater aquarium, even though it sounds somewhat pathetic – in my view fully to the fish should be. Recently appeared Although many of the trends promoting discus as hmm .. fish for the masses, but personally I see this merely as marketing exercise practiced by some non-breeders traders  because you simply can not force the change of discus needs and behavior.Więcej »