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An interesting fact – a film starring quite young discus with fry. Nothing unusual, but … there are two parental pairs. The young Snake-Skin discus fish paired up and started spawning intensively.

Initially, there were 4 pairs of discus in this aquarium and there were times when 3 pairs spawned at the same time. With such a density of fish (300 liters gross tank), however, the roe did not survive even once. However, when 2 pairs moved into the tanks of their new aquarist owners, the remaining pairs at least managed to hatch the larvae and start feeding on the skin. Interestingly, although each of the pairs tried not to get close to the other, several times I was able to observe how individual “commas” flowed freely from one pair to another, covering a considerable distance, especially if you take into account the almost microscopic size of the fish, which can be clearly seen in some parts of the film.

Clicking on the picture above starts the movie (Youtube) – you can choose HD quality.