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Young discus and brine shrimp – artemia nauplii are an excellent, reliable and eagerly eaten food for young discus. Breeding brine shrimp is relatively simple and provides a clean and safe food.

This food is rich with all the ingredients needed for healthy growth of young discus.

Feeding Artemia can be started after 2-3 days from when the fry started swimming. Should always be used in an amount of brine shrimp that babies have successfully dealt with it in about 20-60 minutes – in practice, it looks that the young fish fly between Artemia catching naupli swimming around them one after another. It is characteristic orange color of the stuffed bellies of discus fry which is fed with Artemia. Fish that were fed with Artemia in youth characterized by a beautiful, clear red tint in all the places in which the dye is present in their bodies (in particular the ventral fins).