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Parasites of the digestive system and internal organs – flagellates

Flagellates Hexamita and Spironucleus are protozoa, which, due to the characteristic way of their moving up is relatively easy to identify under the microscope. To see their flagella, high-quality microscope is needed and a lot of experience in the use of, but even without that aquarist can almost 100% sure to confirm their presence. Flagellates are quite busy and they are moving simultaneously rotate around its own axis, which under a microscope looks a bit like a simple move in a zigzag pattern, often changing the direction of motion.
These tiny parasites live in the gastrointestinal tract and internal organs of fish. Flagellates are most dangerous to the cichlid, including discus – untreated parasite invasion may even cause death of fish due to the destruction of organism, which damaged internal organs function worse and worse. Very many of aquarium fish can be carriers of flagellates without showing any signs of disease and we need to be aware of that when introduce an additional tank “company” for the discus.